Drake has always been referred to a singer who is all about feels. There is no denying that the star’s lyrics and his style of music has earned him that title.

Internet these days can go frenzy over any topic. We saw the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Tide Pod Challenge and what not. However, as you all know, our very own Drake released a new song titled – In My Feelings. That very song has set spark to another viral challenge named “The Keke/Kiki Challenge” or the “In My Feelings Challenge”.

It all started from an Instagram video posted by social media comedian Shiggy dancing to the same track. It was picked up later by Ciara and then by Hollywood actor Will Smith. Since then it’s continuing to be one of the craziest dance challenge on the internet.

#Mood : KEKE Do You Love Me ? 😂😂😂 @champagnepapi #DoTheShiggy #InMyFeelings

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People from all around the globe are posting videos while performing the Kiki Challenge. Some do it from a slowly moving car while some in the normal way. Some are funny and some are lame. But from what can be seen, it is evident that people care least about how good or bad their video is. All they care about is being a part of the latest trend while enjoying it to the fullest. And of course, share it! Share it over social media because sharing is caring.

Drake… Man.. You have got people grooving to your beats all over the world. In My Feelings challenge involving the God’s Plan artist’s track has hit more than 2.5 million retweets. W-H-O-A-A-A-!-!-!-!

Here, take a look at some of the famous Kiki/Keke Challenges on the internet.

Well, That’s All Folks!

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