Bhabhi ji Ghar par Hai?

S3xual fantasies and preferences can sometimes be a lot more complicated when it comes to a country like India. Though a major part of s3x in India remains a taboo there is a lot of action (S3xual activities like masturbation and adult content) when the doors are shut.

Talking about s3x and s3xual fantasies, Indians are among one of the top Porn consumers. Indians are watching more porn than ever! One of the most popular porn websites in the world, Pornhub, is perhaps the best authority on all things porn. The annual report by the porn giant reveals some fascinating insights on the number of videos watched or the kind of videos that people are searching for etc.

The younger generation in India is more open when it comes to s3x. Both Indian men and women have started exploring s3xuality. It is not just watching porn anymore but also Indians are major users of adult products and s3x toys. But when it comes to India one thing doesn’t change is their ‘Desi-pan’.

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Whether it is your best friend’s hot mother, the next-door aunty or even that attractive distant cousin who you meet at a wedding, men are always attracted to women older than them. In India, it is not just your sister-in-law you call ‘Bhabhi’, but a married woman aged between the 30s and 40s is called Bhabhi.

That said, if you enter the keywords Bhabhi in the text fields of a search engine, there are upwards of ten pages with desi porn content blatantly advertising all sorts of s3xual dalliances from ‘pados ki Bhabhi’, ‘devar-Bhabhi s3x’, ‘hot Bhabhi’, and Indian Bhabhi s3x to young Indian Bhabhi-mature men s3x. The Bhabhi’s have taken over the s3xual imagination of Indian men. According to Pornhub’s reports, ‘Indian Bhabhi’ has consistently ranked among the top ten searches in India. In fact, it the most searched term in India when it comes to s3xual content.

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It is this very fantasy that gave birth to undoubtedly the most remarkable erotic art in the recent past in India, ‘Savita Bhabhi’. Most Indian men dig older married women, and the proof of the pudding is the way even the government was threatened by over 60 million visitors to cartoon porn star Savita Bhabhi’s site every month, banning the hugely popular site in 2009.

History tells us that even Rabindranath Tagore had a thing for his Bhabhi. I mean Satyajit Ray’s Charulata was based on his short story about Kadambari Devi who committed suicide consuming opium when the poet got married and their so-called platonic affair died.

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A friend of mine loved to share on almost all social occasions about how he lost his virginity to a 40 year ‘Bengali Bhabhi’. The lady, his landlord’s wife, was, by his own admission, dripping sultriness in her sleeveless blouse and sari are worn dangerously below the navel, and would always call for him for odd jobs before asking him to join in the bedroom for a game of Ludo. She was a lot like Savita Bhabhi, a total nymphomaniac and insatiable. Her balding, pot-bellied uncle husband obviously not fulfilling any of her raging hormones, and she was completely desperate to be pleasured, he said.

Why the Indian Bhabhi?

Why Bhabhi

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You often hear stories of a young student falling for her hot English or Math teacher and how the teacher draped in a hot saree becomes their s3xual fantasy. Student-teacher s3x is another most searched category when it comes to porn in India.

There are many Bollywood movies which depicted on screen matured teacher and student relations:

Video source Shemaroo (YouTube)

Mera Naam Joker was amongst first films to delve deep into the searing love that a student Raju (Rishi Kapoor) shared with his teacher (Simi Garewal). The innocent blue-eyed 15-year old boy falls for his hot teacher.

Video source T-Series (YouTube)

Vidya Balan won a National Award for her confidence while doing bold scenes in The Dirty Picture. Her character in the movie, especially in the song ‘Ooh La La Tu Hai Meri Fantasy’, was loved as a next-door hot Bhabhi.

This Bhabhi fantasy of the Indian men also gives rise to many questions and stories shared on the internet and the question-and-answer site such as Quora.

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The top search terms across India are “Indian Bhabhi”, “Bengali” and “Indian aunty”. Mumbai, fourth-placed in terms of traffic, 46 percent are more likely to watch videos of older women listed under “Indian Bhabhi” or “MILF”.

With these reasons in hand, there is no denying we live in a country where men are obsessed with Aunties and Bhabhis! The question here is are these s3xual fantasies such as “Bhabhi” in any way disturbing and can harm our society? Are these s3xual fantasies the reason for increasing extra-marital affairs and dissolution of marriages in India?

Let us know your views on the ‘Bhabhi’ obsession of Indian men in our comment section.


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