US President Donald Tramp and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un met for the first time. The two have been in talks about denuclearization, and as historically significant as this might be, what was truly interesting was the social media reaction to this.

Twitter users and Instagrammers let loose, doing what the internet does best — sharing memes and comments of the momentous occasion.

Here‘s some of the best of what the weird and wonderful World Wide Web had to offer:

I wonder if this was taken after he responded to Kanye’s Twitter praise.

A match made in nuclear hell.

The cat makes a good point.

They passed these notes to each other throughout the meeting.

You just know the two of them bonded over fast food…

Alright! Let the memes begin! #trump #trumpmemes #maga #usa #merica🇺🇸

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The world’s most epic face/hair swap.

Eagerly awaiting the diplomatic exchange of bad hair cuts during the Trump-Kim summit.

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Hopefully another step closer to 🌎🌍🌏✌🏻

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Time travel, it’s real!

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