Tamil superhero Vijay’s upcoming blockbuster movie Sarkar faces threat from piracy website Tamilrockers. Tamilrockers is a website where pirated movies are uploaded, especially south Indian movies. The website had been brought down multiple times but to shut it down permanently is something that the officials have failed at.

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Via their twitter handle, Tamilrockers tweeted, “Sarkar HD print coming from today”.

Sarkar, in which Vijay plays the role of a CEO who takes over the political affairs and turns around the fortune of the state, is supposed to be a massive hit and is expected to break records. The movie would be released today across the theatres.

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The Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) said the pirate portal must not succeed in its illegal attempt to release the movie online and urged movie halls to deploy personnel inside theatres to prevent any sort of recording of the movie using mobile phones or cameras. The TFPC in a press release said, “If someone is seen recording the film, we request that they should be immediately reported to the police.”

Recently, Vijay had said corruption has spread like a “virus” in the society. It seems now he too is set to become its victim.

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