All my storms were dark and loud,
My sweetest ride was the darkest cloud.
I burnt the one’s close to me, then burned myself and rumbled aloud.
The raindrops were my tears and I was sure there was no one close, no one to hold dear.
I told myself to live like that and so,
That dark old cloud was my way to go.
Until, I came up to your window.

When I saw you, it felt weird.
It was comforting and comfort, I feared.
Thinking you’d come close and burn yourself, I was frightened.
So I stepped back in silence, all my bounds tightened.
It surprised, frightened and comforted when you came nonetheless,
And let your love onto my chest.
You hugged a raging thunderstorm and even in that form, I felt warm
In your golden light, I saw that I was wrong.
I was lone, blunt and reckless,
In myself a colossal mess.
But what could a mere thundercloud do to the sun’s fluoresce?

You gave me the light of a summer morning,
My cold heart at guard, your warmth was disarming.
You showed me the world in a new light
it was beautiful, it was happy and it was bright.
I felt a new life, a new warmth in my stone cold heart,
when you held my hand and put together what had fallen apart.
The storms are gone now, and the thunder’s calming.
with the merry rain in my heart and in my heart your cozy light,
you make my world seem like a paradise!

With the dopamine shots that you hurl,
with your gloriously beautiful love unfurled,
with every little smile, you light up my world.

Rohan Pingle.

Broke, reckless and kinda funny.