Vogue is a brand and a publication which is well respected and known around the world for fashion and lifestyle related content. Each country’s edition features a star or a woman on it’s cover, who has made a difference in the world. We aren’t just talking about fashion here, it can be business, sports, entertainment or music. Its a big deal to land on the cover of Vogue! and anyone who ardently follows the publication’s history knows that it has featured some of the most Iconic Women around the world on their cover. We are talking about the likes of Serena Williams, Beyonce and Audrey Hepburn here.

The point is each woman who has ever been featured has done some phenomenal work or the other in their respective fields and Vogue decided to make them their cover star because they are everything that a woman dreams to be and showcasing their stories make them so inspirational.

Lets talk about Vogue India now. They have followed the same pattern as their other counterparts for all these years, but have recently come under a lot of speculation for the cover stars they have chosen for their past few editions. To have Suhana Khan on the cover of their August edition has created quite the stir amongst their readers and other people in the field of fashion.

Just in case if you’ve been living under a rock, Suhana Khan is none other than King Khan’s 18 year old daughter. All of 18 and she has her own Vogue Cover! That is something! But, people weren’t going to stay shut and didn’t hold back the criticism. Most of them couldn’t help but notice how this was a case of sheer nepotism in an already infected world of fashion and Bollywood.

In the interview Suhana herself mentions how she has always wanted to become an actor and follow her father’s footsteps. She wants to study acting and then enter Bollywood. We did sense that with the cover already! Its like a pre promotion even before her career kickstarts in Bollywood. Daddy dearest even unveiled the cover at Vogue Beauty Awards 2018. SRK was just being the doting father that he is, but that doesn’t change the fact that she landed a gig like this just because her father is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood.

Lets give you all the sneak peek into this particular interview and shoot!

We do love how she has been styled and has posed for this particular shoot, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are women who are more deserving and have some how worked harder to be where Suhana stands. We adore her father (who doesn’t!)! This isn’t the first time Vogue India has come under public speculation. Remember? The cover shoot with Kendal Jenner and then the one with Kim K? Vogue India came under fire for that as well. Guess its time that they learn and rectify their errors or choose a better cover star.

How can we ever expect social media to stay silent on this! See what the Twitterati had to say!

Umm…. this might just have been the case

We would love Taimur on a magazine cover though!

We kinda agree with you GURL!

Life is tough!

This dude has a point though!

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