No speech synthesizer can help us express the black hole that this loss has created on our minds.

Not even the brightest star from the cosmos can fathom the amount of light that has been stolen from us.

Even the briefest history of time cannot explain how crucial those added 55 life years meant to the unsuspecting and expecting world.

No Star Trek can help us find the lost star, not even in The Next Generation.

Even if there is another big bang, it won’t bring us back a gem that was more valuable than even the Koh-Hi-Noor.

No poker games with the Creator can change the course of events nor fool him to give us back our bounty.

All we can say is, wherever you have been transported to, you are amongst the ones you studied and understood better than any of us could.

How many ever ice bucket challenges the world takes, no one will truly live and fight the dreaded ALS the way you did.

How many ever times the Earth rotates around its axis, it will never bring us back to the Golden Time when you existed.

No one will help us solve the mysteries of the universe, sitting on your lucky chair, who was also your partner for life, and travelling on which you opened our blind eyes to the vast possibilities that the space had to offer.

You educated us and piqued our curiosity towards things we meagre earthlings could never even imagine.

It might be amazing to be one with what you dedicated all your life to.

Thank you for being a part of our ordinary lives and making them extraordinary by enlightening us with your mind-boggling theories.

You will be sorely missed!

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