Have you ever gone to the chemist to buy a box of condoms?

You go ask the guy at the counter for your preferred brand, and then you see them. There’s an Uncle/Aunty standing next to you. They give this intense stare, like HOW DARE YOU MAKE THE PERSONAL CHOICE TO HAVE PREMARITAL SEX AND ALSO THE RESPONSIBLE DECISION TO USE PROTECTION?

You just stand there, screaming internally and praying that the man behind the counter wraps the box in newspaper as fast as humanly possible.

The rules to follow in order to be a sanskaari young person according to your neighbourhood uncles and aunties are:

  1. Respect ALL the elders.
  2. Do pooja. (No puns here…)
  3. Study Engineering or Medicine with an option to join the family business.
  4. STUDY
  5. Get married at the correct age.
  6. Have a good job.
  7. Women must be covered up.
  8. Boys and girls must not sit together.
  9. Have all the good qualities under the sun. And above all…

This was a rather long segue into what I actually wanted to talk about. In the midst of all the rampant sex judgement, there is StayUncle.

StayUncle was inspired by love hotels in Japan, short-stay hotels that provide guests privacy so they can have sex. This startup ties up with hotel partners to helps couples, married or unmarried, get a room without any sort of judgement or hassle. According to their website, they are tied up with over 600 hotels and have served over 40,000 couples. Every hotel that gets listed on Stay Uncle goes through a rigorous quality check which ensures that the hotels are completely safe and secure. The hotels are also aware of the nature of Stay Uncle’s business. You can even book for half a day is you’re in a rush or low on cash. For this wingman service, all they ask is that you and your partner carry your IDs as a precaution to prevent prostitution.

StayUncle is the brainchild of Sanchit Sethi, who initially conceived the company as catering not to couples, but travellers looking to stay for short durations. Most hotels in India charge on a per day basis – so whether you spend 2 hours at the hotel or 24, you pay the same amount. Shortly after launch, Sanchit mostly received enquiries from unmarried couples who were looking to rent rooms for a short time. So, he remade StayUncle in to the best bro to all unmarried couples.

What do these couples have to say about StayUncle?

Check out this t-shirt worn by one of the founders:

Their website also has a neat blog section with stories from customers and a section with dating advice so that being single is not a reason not to book a room with them:

Let’s see some reviews!

So if you and your partner find yourselves in need of a room, you know which uncle to call.

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