The yesteryear actress, Sonali Bendre recently shared with the world her newly started battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with a type of metastatic cancer, which she is being treated for in New York. Her fans and the whole of Bollywood wished her a speedy recovery, for which she thanked everyone very graciously and with a lot of emotions.

She mentioned in her post how her family members and loved ones have surrounded her with all the positivity and love. She mentioned how she is going to take the battle ahead with the biggest smile on her face.

And she let her fans a sneak peek into the first thing she did for herself and to start this whole journey which is definitely going to be filled with so much feels and emotions. Sonali posted a series of pictures and videos in a New York based salon, where she was going to get her hair cut short. People who do know about or have witnessed someone who has battled this life altering disease knows that the therapy isn’t easy on the person who suffers from it. The chemotherapy itself makes a patient lose their hair and Sonali was ready to take control of the whole situation. Being a woman I know how difficult it is to let go off one’s long tresses, and as a woman and a human I couldn’t but feel so much love and respect towards this beautiful lady. She did it all so gracefully and with the biggest smile on her face.

She plans to document her journey and the whole process and take it all one step at a time.

We wish her all the luck and more power!

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