We already know that men get super uncomfortable when women cry, but according to a study at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, there’s scientific evidence to suggest a women’s tears can have a negative effect on men’s sexual desire. Female tears contain a chemical that reduces arousal in men.

On each day of the study, researchers collected fresh tear samples by showing women volunteers tear-jerker films, including these:

Life Is Beautiful  – Watch A Clip

Terms of Endearment  – Watch The Trailer

When a Man Loves a Woman – Watch A Clip

Broken Wings – Watch The Trailer

My Sister’s Keeper – Watch The Trailer

They should have just played them this scene from Up.

Male volunteers then had the tears, or a placebo solution of salt water, placed under their noses while being shown pictures. Yep, these guys made a bunch of dudes sniff women’s tears while looking at porn.

The men weren’t told whether they’d been given tears or the placebo. The participants then swapped tears for salt solution, without their knowledge.

Where the Israeli scientists came up with this weird and oddly specific experiment, only God knows.

Maybe they watched Anchorman because this sounds like something Brick Tamland would come up with.

According to the Weizmann Institute’s findings, men who smelled tears found sex less appealing. It seemed that the levels of testosterone – one of the hormones associated with arousal – in the men’s saliva fell by 13% on average after they smelled these tears, but was unaffected by the salt water. Researchers also said that the men’s physiological state, skin, temperature, heart rate, and respiration, also fell. Brain scans showed less activity in the areas of the brain responsible for sexual arousal.

Male volunteers couldn’t differentiate between the salt water placebo and tears – both were odourless and the same colour and consistency.

“This study reinforces the idea that human chemical signals – even ones we’re not conscious of – affect the behaviour of others,” Professor Noam Sobel, who lead the study, said in his online journal.

Also, it was tweeted out by BBC Quite Interesting facts, so it must be true. They only tweet facts, I mean it’s in their name for f*cks sake.

My question is: did they also find the side effect in these tears that makes men lose arguments?

No word yet on whether gypsy tears can prevent curses. 

So ladies, every time you watch The Notebook and have a good cry, make sure you store your tears in a bottle. You can spray your man with them if he bothers you when you’re not in the mood.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to leave this here.

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