One of the biggest problems with dog adoptions is that people tend to focus on the breed of the dog, rather than the personality of the individual animal. Deciding to tackle this problem head-on, the awesome people at Pet Alliance had a genius idea—sort them into the Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter.

Pet Alliance asked their animal behaviourist, Diane Andersen, to create a test for the pups that would work like the Sorting Hat, responsible for sorting Hogwarts students into houses and sending the evil kids to Slytherin. Andersen picked out special toys that exemplified the qualities of each House, and the dog’s preference would help them figure out where each canine belonged.

So far, the shelter has Sorted over forty dogs (and you can do the same for your pup with their quiz)

Go ahead, sort your dog. It’s a lot of fun!

According to Executive Director Stephen Bardy, it is helping more dogs get adopted along with increasing their foot traffic and buzz about the shelter. Each dog gets a House banner for their kennel and some pictures in adorable scarves. They haven’t managed to Sort the cats yet, though; they are not as keen to dress up in themed attire.

Here are the the key house traits:

Gryffindor — brave and heroic
Hufflepuff — kind and loyal
Slytherin — determined and resourceful
Ravenclaw — intelligent and witty

The most common House so far is Hufflepuff, with a fair number of Gryffindors and Slytherins. This to any Harry Potter fan and dog lover should not be surprising.

It’s a bit harder to find Ravenclaw dogs, it would seem… Dogs are friendly, helpful, and cuddly so it makes sense that many dogs are Hufflepuffs. And everyone knows all cats are Slytherins.

Cidney the Hufflepuff

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