It’s been more than 15 years now since Shahid Kapoor has entered our lives. Whether it was in a music video of Aryans Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra or with his debut as Rajiv in Ishq Vishk, he stole our hearts from first glance. He is every girl’s dream come true.


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With his versatility in acting, and cute dimples, we know that Shahid is here to stay. While every girl wishes for her Prince Charming, Shahid has actually been there for us as our BAE all through this while.

Women look for certain qualities in her man. Not knowing if Shahid possesses these qualities in real life, we know for sure his characters do. He characters are everything that a girl would wish for. Right from intense and passionate lover to the charming friend and soulmate forever. Though you can’t find everything in one person, there’s no harm in hoping and dreaming about it.Here is the list of his characters which are our favourite because of the qualities he portrays in those roles. Have a look:

Aditya from Jab we Met : The one joh Love ke liye kuch bhi karega

When we talk about Shahid’s filmography, we cannot miss Aditya. The intense lover, an honest friend who will be there always. The one who understands your pain and knows how you feel. He is an observer but talks less. Rather he loves to listen to you talking and will do anything for his love. He knows love is not about holding one in captivity but letting her fly free for he knows she will return home 🙂

Charlie from Kaminey : Sabki Band Bajane Wala – Sakht Aadmi

Technically we women don’t need men to protect us. But still if you wish for a guy who will come on a white horse with sexy bod and udaofy anyone who tries to hurt you, then Charlie is your man! He can fight, he can kill, he can sing, he can dance and he will steal your heart with his dedication and commitment towards you.

Rajiv from Ishq Vishk : The kid at heart

Life is not fun if your lover is not your friend. A guy with whom you can chill with, sneak out, enjoy the innocence and be happy go lucky. There are times when you don’t want to be burdened with the dilemma and complications of life and just be care free. Well Rajiv just bought us that. And what’s more, he surely is emotional and believes in love.

Guddu from Kaminey : The one who accepts you the way you are

We all have flaws and are imperfect. But finding someone who will accept our imperfections and still love us is what makes the relationship special. We all need some motivation daily and need to feel good about yourself to enjoy the present moment in life. While in movie Guddu is shown as loving, caring and boy next door type, he himself has flaws when it comes to speech and understands the complexity of it. Accepting one’s own imperfections and giving benefit of doubt to your partner leads to healthy and loving relation forever.

Prem from Vivah : The one who will stand by you, forever.

The expectation from the partner is not only till the time you date but it’s a promise for forever. Often people change once they are married. But not in the case of Prem. He is the guy who stood by his partner in times of happiness as well as sadness. We all need someone who will stand by his words and fulfill all the promises he did. Do they make adarsh men like PRem anymore? Not sure, but this one is all yours 😉

Nawab Malik from Rangoon: The one who will not give up.

Malik is the man friday. He will charm your heart, make you smile and never ever give up on you. He knows his roots well and is grounded enough. If he is committed to you, you can be rest assured he will be there for you always 🙂

Well, if you are still searching for your man, watch these characters again so you know what you want. If you have found you guy, worry not, we are sure he would have some of these characteristics in him, that’s why you chose him. If not anything, Shahid is always there on the silver screen. After all he is our BAE 😉

Good morning. 😘

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