Sex education has been a serious problem in our country. One can see this in the daily tabloid Mumbai Mirror’s sexpert column. People ask some totally bizarre sex-related questions to the 91-year-old sexpert, Dr. Mahinder Watsa and he answers the questions in a unique way. If you are not familiar, the Mumbai Mirror column is a Q&A session where you will find some funny and ridiculous questions. While you find many of those questions weird and made-up but are still worth reading just because of the comically legendary responses by Dr. MC Watsa.

So, here are some of the hilarious and ridiculously funny questions ever asked and the related answers. Enjoy!

#1 This man should be in a chemistry lab mixing chemicals:


#2 The Olympic guy:


#3 She should be a porn star:


#4 Please sack the servant first:


#5 Is he confused or curious?


#6 God save the Goat Please:


#7 Is he Nuts, needs real sex education?


#8 This one is big but the most insane one:

sex advice Credit

sex advice Credit 1

#9 Someone please save this man:


#10 Is this man a carpenter?


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