Sex is the best thing in the world. Period.

India is the country where Kamasutra is originated from, but this doesn’t make it a huge believer in free and open sex. The ancient texts still detail the way a person should live their lives both inside and outside the bedroom. A lot of Indians are still living a very religion-heavy life which does not give them the sexual freedom. While things are changing, a lot of the older generation of Indians still believe that some aspects of sex are taboo, especially sex before marriage.

Although a lot of practices have changed in time different ideas about sex and how one obtains sexual pleasures have taken a front seat in the modern era. It’s becoming clear that the once prudish Indians have begun to explore the many aspects of desire, fantasy, and pleasure (more so, self-pleasure).

Have you purchased a condom or any other sex-related products? It is hard to get condoms without being looked at funny, never mind buying a stamina training unit. Adult toys and sexual health products are the new favorites among the Indians. Sex Toys in India are almost illegal as there are a lot of laws and rules regulating the sales of adult products which makes it very difficult to get your hands on one.


While buying and selling of adult sex toys was quite tricky in the past, we now have websites and online stores that stock an incredibly fun, quirky and kinky collection of toys, lingerie and a variety of products to spice up your sex life.

The act of self-pleasuring is easy for the Indian males, according to studies 75 percent of women in the world never experience an orgasm through penetrative sex in their lives. Women in India are regularly discouraged from healthy self-exploration and expression. Orgasm is self-care and self-care is empowering women.

Sex for Indian youth is taking a new shape as adult toys are receiving more tolerance and adult toy owners are educating people on the benefits to both sexual health and to maintain a healthy relationship. With increasing use of websites to buy adult products, which promise secure delivery it is now easier to get anything you need. Younger generations of modern Indians are becoming so much more casual about talking about sex and sex toys.


A lot of Indians especially women find that freedom and the joy of discovering themselves through sex toys. India’s sexual wellness market research report 2017 and sex toys market analysis in India (3rd edition) by that’s Personal show us how the growing acceptance of adult products among Indians.

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The youth in India are certainly more open-minded about exploring their sexuality and using adult toys. The use of the adult toys in India is increasing and this will keep on growing in next 5-10 years. So, take the matter into your own hands and enjoy the art of self-pleasuring with sex toys.


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