A couple of days ago we came across a funny story where if google searched ‘Idiot’, Donald Trump would pop up in the results. The incident followed by typing ‘Bhikhari’ in the google search box and getting Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in the search results.

Pakistan Assembly is evidently pissed about the incident and they are now taking steps to ask Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai the reason behind it. Punjab assembly (Pakistan) passed a resolution to call up Pichai and ask him to explain why search for ‘bhikari’ shows Prime Minister Imran Khan’s photos.

As expected, Pichai explained to the Congress how Google’s search algorithm worked. He said that the algorithm collects and combines data from millions of web pages collected and stored by Google to generate results for a term that is searched on its engine.

Image result for GOOGLE

During the ‘explanation-meeting’ with Congress, Pichai explained that when a keyword is searched in Google Images, the results come up with images that use the term as a tag.

If the Punjab Assembly takes some time to read his explanation and deduce an answer from it, Sundar Pichai can save his travelling time and money :p

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