#AndeSeBahar life is too complicated. A lot of compromises and sacrifices coming your way! What to do? Well, it’s best to just go with the flow.

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Though beggars can’t be choosers, we are here to help in times of crisis! Often starting college can be a bit strenuous. A new environment, new people, new subjects to deal with, and never ending pressure of performance. Amidst all this there is problem of managing finances and having the pressure of meeting your partner’s demands.

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Agar date pe jana hai but pocket hai khaali, then what to do? Jugaad and jhol. For example, you may find places which are free and chill with your partner there. Need more privacy but don’t wanna shell out money? Well, we can suggest some ideas.

But beware, choose these at your own risk and make sure you don’t get caught 😛

Beach side- Among the coconut trees

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Most of the cities have this. If not beach then at least a lake or pond 😛 The idea is to get beautiful setting to enjoy some personal time with your partner. With the cool breeze blowing, amidst the coconut trees both of you can just enjoy the sound of waves and peace. Plus you don’t have to pay anything to sit for umpteen number of hours. 😉

In between the rocks

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Our ancestors used to live in caves; I guess it’s time to to do as they did. 😛 You may find this geological formation either on the nearby beach, or mountain top. Again, it’s best for some private moments but you need to beware of the creepy crawly things. Our advice, don’t get so engrossed that you lose your senses of touch and sight 😉

Hanging gardens

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All the cities have parks with beautiful trees and benches. Getting the timing right here is very important. If you go to some nana-nani park in the evening when oldies are taking a walk, you will get a worse death stare of your life if they catch you doing something or getting too personal. 😛 So beware!

Building ka terrace

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This is another sasta sundar tikau place. The only catch is that you are in your own territory. In this case, there is some danger of getting caught. But if your watchman is in your pocket, then no other place can be as safe as this one! Trust us 😉


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Now this is thoda cliche. You might find a nice peaceful corner to have a private conversation, but hey you can’t get all touchy here. One there are cameras everywhere and two, you cannot sit without buying anything. The waiter will chew your head till you order or will walk you out himself if he sees you taking unnecessary advantage of theirs.

College library

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This place is like doing optimum utilization of limited available resources 😛 Half the time you are in college, hell you are paying for the goddam education. What better place to catch up then the college library? Romance brewing amidst the bookshelves <3 Plus you can do some study as well or coursework whichever you feel right 😛

Classroom ka last bench

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Another apt example. But this only works if your partner is in the same class! If he or she is then this idea will work out best for you. Sitting on the last bench without any disturbance, paying attention to what professor has to say and some aankhon aankhon mein baatein! <3

Or just get a damn room!

Well if nothing works then, bro, this is your only solution. You may sit on bus stop, railway station, etc., but there’s no place like home. Though we understand that this is not practically possible for all, but it’s best that if you are thinking long term you may introduce your partner as a good friend and invite them to your home to “study.” This way you can get some personal time as well; unless you have a sibling or a family person hanging on your neck constantly 😛

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God help you then, but we are sure you will find some way out. 🙂

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