Ranbir Kapoor is back and this time its an avatar of Sanju Baba! Yes, the biopic has been in the news for a really long time with people trying to find out the nitty gritties of the plot. People tried leaking out Ranbir’s look as it was seen that he resembled Sanjay Dutt to a great extent to do justice to his role.

With the two images leaked, this is how he looked!

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The anticipation for the movie increased 10 folds after these images were leaked. And just like that, the teaser of the movie is out and fans are going crazy. With the looks of it, we personally have a mixed opinion on the way this movie might turn out.

Though, Ranbir has managed to get hold of the character quite well, we feel the director is falling short in some instances.

In certain shots, especially the one where we see Ranbir coming out of Yerwada jail, we feel it’s just him and this is not how Sanju baba looks or behaves in real life. Moreover, the shot looks over-exaggerated both in terms of direction as well as acting with all those fancy hand moment replication done by Ranbir. Was that even necessary? Or is that what Sanju would do?

Also, I mean what’s with those eyebrows?

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While in some other situations we definitely agree that it is Sanjay Dutt on screen. The resemblance is so uncanny that we can’t tell them apart.

Besides the resemblance in looks and acting, another issue seems to be with the facts shown. One such shot shows that Sanjay Dutt begged on the streets of New York to buy a bus ticket. However, the fans would know and agree that this was not the case. He did ask for money but it wasn’t for any bus ticket. What did he beg for?

Such is the case of biopics in India. We tend to add a lot of fiction in the story to make it more appealing but end up losing the rawness of the plot.

However, we see different phases of Sanjay Dutt’s life created on screen to take us back in time.

The one when he was young and a heartthrob of the nation. To the one where people went awww when they saw him working out!

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The one where he stole the show in Kaante movie…

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The one where he sported leather jacket in the stage show at New York!

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The one when he spent the time in jail! Doesn’t this look like a copied look from “Khalnayak”

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Get all geared up to revisit all these phases again to know what really happened and why? Here are they all!

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Will this one turn out to be a blockbuster or will this go down the drain? Time will tell. So far we can only say that Ranbir Kapoor does look promising and hopefully this one too will be a rockstar!

Watch the trailer here:

Will you go and watch this one?

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