you are in love, each day becomes worth celebrating. But, Valentine’s Day is one of the most special days to show your love to your partner and you absolutely do not want to miss this day. Go the extra mile to make your partner feel loved. For the couples who are in a long-distance relationship, things become tough, and when Valentine’s Day is around, it seems way harder. If you really love each other, nothing should stop you from making your partner feel special.

Here are the most romantic ways for you to celebrate this special day together, even while being away physically:

#1 Plan an E-date:

So, what if can’t go for Valentine’s date just because you and your love are miles apart, time is to put technology to full use. Plan a virtual date get on to Skype. Order the cuisine you both enjoy, open a bottle of wine, light a few candles, dress up in his favorite dress and ask him to suit up. This can give you both a really good time and can be romantic too!

#2 Send a video of you singing a special song:

Every couple has that one song which is “their” song. You do not have to be a singer or a guitarist. Just be yourself and record a small video singing the special song dedicated to your love. This one is going to be the cutest thing ever and your partner will love it.

#3 Dedicate your love a song over the radio:

You can even dedicate your love a song with a small message over the radio. You will find a lot of request-based radio shows around Valentine’s day which are specially for couples where they can request the songs. Just make sure that you somehow let your partner know before it is on air!

#4 Have his/her favourite food delivered to your lover’s doorstep:

What if you can’t cook food for your love with your own hands. You can have your partner’s favorite dish delivered to his/her doorstep. To make it even better add a sweet dessert such pastries or chocolates that he/she likes. Or even go for a bottle of wine and some flowers with the food to make it perfect.

#5 Send a video note:

If you are running out of time, which you should not on Valentine’s Day, you can create a small video clip of yourself expressing your feelings for your partner and how special they make you feel. We guarantee your love will cherish it for life and will always watch it when they feel low and miss you.

# Plan a surprise visit:

What could be more romantic than surprising your love on Valentine’s day? If you want to gift your love with the best Valentine’s gift, there is nothing like a surprise visit. Make it even romantic by carrying a bottle of wine, chocolates and some of her favorite flowers. This will sweep your woman off her feet and what can be a better return gift than the reaction of your lady seeing you. It’s so gonna be worth it!

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