The Marvel Cinematic Universe likes to depict their superheroes as paragons of virtue, defenders of the innocent, and upholders of justice who go around saving everyone from total destruction by the baddies. Photographer Hrjoe sees things a bit differently. To him superheroes are a bunch of goofballs who get up to hilarious hijinks when they’re not saving the world. He takes us into the wackier side of our favorite superheroes with his personal brand of toy photography.

1. Could you imagine having the Hulk as a flatmate? “HULK NEED TOILET PAPER! HULK SMASH!”

2. Can’t you read the sign, bro? There’s no smoking here.

The funny thing is Deadpool is still pretty much himself.

3. After the events of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman and Catwoman decided to take a nice relaxing vacation in Bangkok.

It didn’t work out like they planned.

4. “Dude, you missed a spot. I don’t want to burn.”

I don’t know what’s funnier, naked Ghost Rider or Thor’s tan lines.

5. Black Widow covering the Hulk with a blanket is actually pretty sweet.

6. Spider-Man saves a blind guy’s daredevilry (pun intended) from getting him killed.

Daredevil’s whistling face is just brilliant.

7. This one is pretty self-explanatory…

8. Things get hot between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in the study.

A nice little detail you might have missed is the knife that’s in Catwoman’s hand.

9. Santa Thor has come to town and he’s brought gifts for the whole Avengers family.

Teenage Spider-Man gets a Playboy magazine. Classic!

10. If I were a billionaire like Tony Stark and had robotic arms to put on my suits for me, I’d use them to change my clothes too. Can’t blame The Hulk for wanting to try them out.

11. When you get home tired and leave things around… it’s the same for superheroes too!

I’m picturing the Hulk running around the Avengers Mansion butt-naked and I’m dying.

12. The shock, horror, and revulsion captured in this shot is just priceless!

13. “Carry on guys, I just wanna catch this Pikachu. I haven’t got one yet.”

14. The best part about this one is that goody two-shoes Captain America cheating on a test.

15. Looks like there was some ragging by the seniors when Spider-Man returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

16. Boys will be boys, I guess.

17. Hulk used SMASH. It’s super effective!

18. Oh Deadpool… I’m guessing this isn’t one of the ones that shrinks stuff.

19. I don’t even want to think about what the hole is…

20. If they ever make a Marvel-DC crossover, I hope this road mishap is the inciting incident for the plot.

21. The real cause of the Marvel Civil War…

22.Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure one night only, The Avengers!

23. The Avengers would make a pretty crappy pest control service. Although, Thor’s mousetrap is pretty clever.

24. Spider-Man helps the Hulk get over his fear of needles.

25. Remember Thor’s haircut in Ragnarok? Here’s his stylist.

26. If you were looking for the reason for Batman fighting Superman in Dawn of Justice, look no further.

27. Would you play Hide ‘n’ Seek with these guys?


Just look at the pain on his face…

29. “The captain would like to remind you that in case of an emergency landing, utility belts may be used as a floatation device.

30. The Hulk disciplines his new pet…

31. The idea of Stan Lee giving his creations a good spanking as if they were his children, is priceless!

32. What can I say? I guess superheroes really like chicken.

33. Chris Pratt’s Jurassic Park training works on more than just Velociraptors…

34. This is one crossover I’d love to see.

35. Ghost rider always needs antacids.

36. Deadpool and Black Panther get up to some mischief.

37. Remember that post-credits scene where the Avengers go get shawarma? This time they go down to the pub. Stan Lee does a little cameo as the bartender.

38. A game of Hammer Hopscotch, may the worthiest win!

39. You wouldn’t want to make the big guy jealous… You won’t like him when he’s jealous.

40. Some more fun with Thor’s hair.

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