So there’s a thing called biological subjectivism. It’s a term being thrown around by the butthurt generation of “progressive” lunatics. It implies that certain biological factors of our existence are determined by individual experience. Individual freedom is one thing , but this is getting out of hand to the point of absurdity. Biology, you see, is now considered completely subjective and decided based on a whim. If you decide to be female, everyone else must now accept you as a female. A biological male may identify as female, but that only females can get pregnant is a biological fact. What makes if worse is the reaction you get if you so much as question where all this is heading.

Individual identity might be subject to experience, but biology is not a matter of opinion. I can’t wake up tomorrow morning and claim to be of an endangered species of sentient f*cking cabbage.

Here are some ridiculous things these people believe:

Men Can Have Periods

Some liberal nut cases actually believe that men can have periods, which is why tampon dispensing machines are being installed in men’s restrooms across university campuses in the US, even at Brown University, where apparently a majority students and faculty have the ridiculous notion that men can menstruate. News flash: just because the word begins with “men” doesn’t mean men can do the thing.

Trans-Women Can Give Birth

Trans-women who were born as biological men are able to conceive children and give birth. That’s because the news media keeps reporting that “transgender men” are giving birth to children, when the truth is that they’re actually biological women.

Trans-Men in Womens Sports

Apparently some people don’t get that the reason for men and women’s division in sports isn’t the patriarchy or some other form of antiquated oppression, it’s because men and women have different physiologies. Still, some people think all biological men who claim to be women should be allowed to compete in women’s sports, winning against the biological women and nullifying all the sports records set by women. This is all somehow in the name of “equality.”


Similarly, the biological subjectivism of the delusional also involves embracing trans-animalism, which encourages people to proclaim themselves to actually be animals, animal-human hybrids or even extraterrestrial aliens. A person who self-identifies as a Floogian humanoid from Planet Floog must be accepted and greeted as Earth’s first visitor from outer space.

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Akhil was raised by movies, television, and the internet. A never-ending source of absolutely useless information. He would tell you more, but he was distracted by something shiny