There was an old David Becker photo of US President Donald Trump at a campaign rally that was shared to the ”Photoshop Battles” Reddit thread and the results speak for themselves.

Here is the original photo:

Check out some of the best interpretations below:


2. How Trump explained his interactions with Vladimir Putin

3. Somebody should photoshop Hillary Clinton’s head on the opponent.

4. Trump moonlighting as the frontman in a Mariachi band.

5. Those shorts, though…

6. The Scream

Also, captures the feeling a lot of Americans have had every day since he was elected.

7. Plot Twist: This wasn’t Photoshopped

8. Baby Trump wanted to go to KFC.

9. Trump made a deal with his fairy godmother she would build his wall if he got back from the White House Ball before midnight. Trump raged till 4 am.

10. Because you know the President has to eat fresh.

11. Donald Trump makes a cameo in Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom


12. Because no one should ever forget that the current President of the United States was once in a hair vs hair match against Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania.

13. Little known fact: Donald Trump is a secret unlockable character in Mario Kart

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