Whenever we mention Neena Gupta, the first few words that come to our mind are Strong, Beautiful, Talented and Independent. These are the very words which did not define the ladies of the generation that she comes from. This lady is one tough nut to crack and we are in complete awe of her. Here we give you a few more reasons to fall in love with this Boss Lady like never before.

She is one of the finest actresses in the industry

Neena Gupta
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Her dynamic and larger than life screen presence made it difficult for the audience to let their eyes swoon away from her whenever she was on the screen. Being a part of some of the most iconic movements of the Indian film industry and teaming up with some of the greatest actors and directors made her a prominent name in every household.

Playing muse to her designer daughter, Masaba Gupta

neena & masaba gupta
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Neena Ji as Masaba lovingly calls her has been her daughter’s muse ever since she made her debut in the world of fashion. She is a major part of Masaba’s each and every collection and we cannot stop admiring her with the grace and poise she carries every piece of clothing with.

Never too old to ask work

Neena Gupta Tweet
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She comes from an industry, which barely writes roles for women her age, and she did not shy away from asking for work in one of her Instagram posts. She is a national award winner and was humble enough to ask for work without any hesitation. Her daughter was proud of her for doing so, and it made girls like us feel glad that we have a woman like Neena Ji to look up to.

Experimenting with roles in a generation where people believed in playing it safe

Neena Gupta in Utsav
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She is known for bringing up certain topics which were a complete taboo in the society back then and she aced it by playing certain roles with utmost grace. Her role as Priya in ‘Saans’ touched the lives of women around the globe. The serial revolved around the problems faced by a woman in a marriage and how she handled her husband’s extra marital affair like a complete strong and matured woman.

Bringing up a child out of wedlock

Neena & Masaba Gupta
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Her personal life was highly publicized as she was a single mother bringing up a child of a famous father in a misogynist society like ours. Her journey of motherhood has not been without hardships and yet, she overcame everything and made Masaba what she is today.

Facing hardships and still winning at life

viv richards & neena gupta
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Neena Gupta’s story has been made of every goddamn human emotion that one can experience. It was filled with success, struggle, tears, strength, love and now finally a lifetime of happiness. She has literally been there and done that! Challenged the social norms like a rebel and worked through hardships like a true warrior. There is so much to learn from this lady!

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