good morning message

Every Indian knows these messages very well…

Immediately after sunrise, or sometimes even before the crack of dawn, your incoming message alert starts chiming at regular intervals.

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As family friends and relatives wake up to a new day, all of them are thoughtfully wishing you a Good Morning through an assortment of images — sun rising, flowers, baby photos, inspirational quotes and then some.

Before the clock hits 8 am, hundreds of millions of messages have fired off.

This is a real problem.

Indians send so many good morning messages, that it actually causes Whatsapp to freeze.

On a related note:

On July 31, Western Railway and Central Railway started helpline number, launched to register complaints about cleanliness at stations, pay and use toilets etc.
However, Railway Officers claimed :

“We have received text messages wishing us good morning, good evening and rest. Messages of deities with devotional messages have been forwarded and we have also received amusing Hindi poems.”

The weird thing is that the number of “Whatsapp forwards” received have exceeded the actual complaints, defeating the purpose of introducing the number!

“We have asked the staff to delete these messages, which we receive daily. The most repeated messages include ‘sending a particular forward message to 15 people to ensure good luck in one’s life’. These messages are a nuisance and waste of our time.”

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Among the complaints that have been received, 23 of them were for the Western Railway and two from Central. People can click pictures of the dirty areas and upload them along with the location. Along with these helpline numbers, the Railways is also active on Twitter to address the complaints.

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