For all the diss that’s been going on between Emiway Bantai and Raftaar, it’s the first time we saw a sign of peace. As expected, it’s from Raftaar’s end.

Dilin Nair aka Raftaar (Yes, that’s his real name) is at his native, Kerala, right now and the rapper took it to Instagram live to share some thoughts regarding the beef with Emiway. In the video, Raftaar said that he has ended the dissing and there would be no more videos from his end.

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Raftaar notably went onto explain hip-hop fans in India what does being an ‘independent artist’ mean. He said, “Independent artist wo hote hain jo apna gaana likhte hain aur label usse aage pohochati hai.”
Emiway had downplayed Raftaar’s part in Desi HipHop scenes quoting that he was just a commercial rapper. Raftaar provided an answer to that too. He said, “Paisa kamaane mein kya galat baat hain? Galat faimi mat faila bhai, yaha naye bache hain jo tuje aur muje dekh kar seekhte hai. Unhe ye mat bata ki hiphop se paise nai aate. Shayad tuje zarurat nahi paiso ka lekin unhe hoga.”

As far as it is Emiway on the other end, it doesn’t feel like this would be the end. Maybe we can expect Emiway coming up with a video too.

Raftaar uploaded the video to his YouTube channel too, take a look.


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