Sex is a big component of most intimate relationships. Many women enjoy deep penetration and need it for a better orgasm while there are some women who hate it. The most important things you should know about deep penetrative sex the ‘G-Spot’ and ‘Clitoris’. These are the pleasure points of the women. The G-spot is normally reported about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall. When stimulated by the penis creates a more intense orgasm. It is important for you to be in the right positions with your women to hit the right spot.

Here are a few sex positions which can help your women with a better orgasm which should try:

Reverse cowgirl:

This position is a form of famous woman-on-top position but the lady facing the other way. This is a fun sex position if you are bored with the usual stuff and want to try something new. The position is great and gives the woman total control over the pace and lets her set the agenda. This gives the woman the option to rub her clitoris and get her man to hit the G-spot which can give a great orgasm.


If you want to allow your woman to take control, this is a great sex position to try. This gives your lady a better control of movement and thrusting. Did you know, woman-on-top is India’s favourite sex position? This position is more effective for the woman as she has the freedom to move. It is good for couples of all sizes and shapes. It is also good for those who have a problem with premature ejaculation as it reduces the pressure on the man.


Spooning is a very simple position but not preferred by many as it looks too simple and boring. But it is a very effective position when you want to go deep. It is called spooning because it represents the way two spoons lay alongside each other. It is a great position to hit the G-spot because of its angle of penetration. Also, it leaves the man’s arms free to explore other erogenous zones on woman’s body like clitoris, neck, and breasts. It is also best when your lady is pregnant as there is no weight on the belly.


Missionary is the oldest and most commonly used sex position. It is the first position most couples find themselves in because it comes so naturally. It is a very basic and simple position where the man is on the top while entering the woman with both facing towards one another. It is great for the beginners as it does not need a great deal of athleticism. It also allows more eye contact and kissing as the partners face each other. It is great to hit the right spot inside her and can be manipulated to create a variety of different positions.

Magic Mountain:

Magic Mountain is a bit like the doggy style but requires the man to bend over to the woman so that her back is against his chest. This is the best sex position for deep penetration as there are high chances to hit the G-spot. It is also great for baby making.

Doggy style:

This one is one of the very popular sex positions. It is also known as the rear entry position. The woman needs to bend her knees facing away from the partner while having sex. Male needs to enter inside the woman from behind which gives the guy a better control and a better chance to hit the G-spot. If you are looking to start a family, doggy style is one of the common sex positions which can be used to help your woman conceive.

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