On March 23rd, the Maharashtra announced it’s move to ban plastic in Mumbai, citing irreparable damage to the environment. The reaction to this decision has been mixed, however, here is one story from amidst this chaos:

Poonam Pandey has always been good at grabbing social media attention and creating a buzz with her bikini clad photos and controversial statements on social media. Now she has managed to start a social media conversation on plastic surgery in Bollywood. How?

With her tweet about the Maharashtra plastic ban!

“Plastic banned ho gya hai…. जिसने जिसने प्लास्टिक सर्जरी की है, वे रास्तेपर ना घुमे। (Plastic is banned, those who have opted for a surgery, please do not move out!)”, she wrote.

A hilarious tweet that sparked a huge reaction from the Twitterati, who went after actresses in Bollywood who allegedly had plastic surgery.

Poonam Pandey knows how to make the news. She became famous for a controversial statement that she made in 2011 in which she promised the Indian cricket team that she would go nude of the won.

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Since then the actress/model has been posting scantily clad photos of herself on social media and her followers go crazy every time she posts something.

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