Race 3 has been trending since the first teaser was out. Lot of reasons for that. One its Bhai ka movie and Bhai Rocks! Second the awesome action scenes and dialogues. Oh yes there’s even Bobby Deol 😛 Mind you, Bobby made the Body, but he still can’t act! 😐 Might as well stick to being a DJ 😛

Anyway, we have seen some hilarious memes, spoofs, etc. as soon as the trailer was out. But knowing that it is Bhai ka movie, fans across had lot of expectations from the movie. Knowing the earlier 2 movies from the franchise did decent job, a new avatar in the form of Salman Bhai would have added Chaar Chaand to the movie. Apparently that does not seem to be the case.

The reviews are flowing in and people are losing their shit on Twitter. We love making memes and taking digs on the pathetic movies. Watch it for yourself and then decide whether you want to spend the money on watching it or not 😀

Yeh movie dekhne ke liye definitely appointment lena padega 😛

Some of them requested directly to BHAI!

All in one 😀

Bhai Bhai!

God help these souls 😛

Karlo baat !


There is no logic in Bhai ka movie!


Touche 😛 

That must have hurt!

As honest as possible!

If you can survive that long 😛

We don’t know how long will the movie run in theatres! Whether it will cross 100 cr collections or not, end of the day people who want ghatiya mirch masala, this movie will definitely make their Eid better!

We just have one Question: Why Salman Why???

Do you intend to watch Race 3 this weekend? Let us know in comments below!

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