There is a different vibe when it comes to Durga Puja in West Bengal, to be more specific – Kolkata! There is a certain excitement that gets to you and makes you want to go out and celebrate the Mother Goddess along with every fellow Calcuttan. Celebration isn’t really complete without good food. Along with a lot of pandal hopping, Bengalis believe in ‘Pet Pujo’ during Durga Puja. We bring to you a list of delicacies, which one can savor during the festivities. Our list comprises of dishes straight from the streets of Kolkata to the Bengali delicacies that Thakumas and Pishis specially prepare in their kitchen. Where every other state in India fasts or eats strict vegetarian food items, Bengalis hog on some of the most sumptuous non veg preparation.

1. Kathi Roll

This is a staple food item during puja season. Made from Mughlai paratha tossed in egg, which is later filled with chicken kebab along with freshly sliced onions and green chilies. Top it up with chilli or tomato ketchup. Piping hot rolls are our favourite while hopping from one pandal to the other. Delicious to eat and easy to carry around!

Kathi rolls
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2. Chops and Cutlets

You’ll find a number of cutlet and chop shops pop out of nowhere during pujas. You can choose from veg chop, which has a filling of mashed potato, beetroot, peanuts tossed in various spices. The sumptuous deep-fried fish and chicken cutlets are a treat to anyone’s taste buds. Don’t forget to try out the deviled eggs! Eggs have never tasted better than this!

Fish Cutlet
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3. Jhaal Muri

This is a staple during Durga Pujo. Munch on this light puffed rice preparation, which has the right blend of coriander, tamarind chutney, a number of spices, chillies, onion, boiled potato, peanuts and coconut. Don’t forget to request the Jhaal muri wala bhaiya to add extra Jhaal if that suits your palette.

Source: PolkaCafe

4. Puchka and Churmur

Puchka with extra ‘Tokk’ is bae. Where people in Mumbai like their pani puri sweet and with a lot of sev. People in Delhi like their golgapay with dahi or curd. Bengalis take pride in filling our puris with spicy potato preparation and sour tamarind and mint water. The ‘tokk-jhaal’ combo makes us want to munch of at least ten of these. If there is anything we love more than our puchkas is churmur, which is basically puri crushed and prepared in aloo along with spices, coriander and lime.

Source: Huffington Post


Source: PolkaCafe

5. Kosha Mangsho and Luchi

Bengalis take pride in their red meat preparation! It is a myriad of flavours that you experience in its first bite. Imagine! Tender meat cooked for hours in some of the most flavorsome Bengali spices and red chillies. Desi food porn right here bro! This preparation is generally served with luchhi. Pair made in heaven we say!

Kosha Mangsho

6. Radhaballavi with Chollar Dal

The secret to this dish is the famous ‘Panch Phoron’ or the five major spices of any Bengali household. Trust your dida to cook the best chollar daal in the world and this simplistic yet flavorsome dish is served with Radhaballavi, which is basically puris stuffed with arhar dal.

Cholar Dal
Source: Whishk Affair

7. Bhoger Khichuri with Labra and bhaja

We guarantee you that nothing tastes better than piping hot Khichuri with Labra along with an eggplant or pumpkin bhaja. The bhoger khichuri is served to anyone who visits the pandal and it has a certain festive aroma, which is missing if you ever have it on a normal day. It is teamed up with labra, which is basically made from a number of vegetables and spices.

Source: Debajanir Ranaghar

8. Mishti pulao with Prawn malai curry

Prawn malai curry and mishti pulao make the perfect combination, as they are the right blend of sweet and spicy. Malai curry is made from coconut and certain other spices while sweet prepared with saffron, cashew nuts and raisins. Don’t forget to take some sweet mango chutney along with it.

Source: My Friday Food Swing

9. Payesh

Kheer or how Bengalis like to call it payesh is made from rice boiled with milk along with saffron, cardamom, raisins and cashew nuts. Instead of sugar this one is prepped up with brown jaggery.

Source: Archana’s kitchen

10. Mishti doi and Sondesh

Nothing ends a good meal like mishti doi and sondesh. They aren’t too sweet on the palate and make us happy! There are variations of these items present in the stores, with Bhappa Doi and various flavours of Sondesh.

Source: Playful cooking


Source: Playful Cooking

Now go enjoy your pujas with some amazing food! Tell us which is your favourite Pujo food in the comment section.

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