We take inspiration and pride from the  Hindi Film Industry. Commonly referred to as Bollywood,it’s existence is not unknown to any Indian. Starting from the time we go to school till the time we lose our eyesight, we are surrounded by the enigma of Bollywood. Some of us may love watching drama or action, some of us prefer romance and comedy. In short no one is immune to the effect that movies have on our lives. We dream to have a boyfriend like Raj or Prem or to have a wife like Geet or Naina who can guide us through life. But while we got entertained with the movies we watched, we somewhere missed the atrocities (might sound too harsh) or the bias attitude towards the women who played some of the most memorable characters.

Women being blamed, shamed, objectified has been the norm for ages in India. We glorify the goddess in mythologies but the women in reality are always treated secondarily. We are judgemental when we see a woman sitting with a group of men laughing or wearing shorts and walking on the road.

Our movies always tend to show women to be the damsel in distress. Just like the ones we have listed down below:

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We don’t know when will we move on with the whole idea of an akeli ladki being a khuli hui tijori wala angle and go to Kabhi kissi ko itna bhi mat darao ki darr hi khatam ho jaye 😀


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The recent issue in regards with the upcoming Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, Padmavati. The political group in question wants to behead Deepika Padukone, chop her nose or burn her. Why? Because she dared to play the titular role in the movie which is based on a queen about whose existence we are not even sure of. We are not sure if she was from Sri Lanka or any other country. Whether she so beautiful that a demon king wanted to take her away or did she perform jauhaar or sati? In a situation where the story itself is so complicated and fictitious, why blame the actress? Though she refrains from commenting on this, we are sure her reaction would be something like this! 😛 #WaqtneKiyaKyaHaseenSitam #MainPareshaan


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Why does no one want to behead Shahid Kapoor or Ranveer Singh for being part of the movie? Blame Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the whole ruckus if required not the person whose job is to play the character and do justice to that role. No one wants to see how awesome and graceful she looks. How much of training and practice she must have gone through to get every act right. All we care about is how she can play the role of a legend and show her in the wrong light (without even seeing the movie). 😐 We can only wait for her to react like this now 😛 #AankhiyonseGolimaare


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On a serious note, it’s time we appreciate the beauty and efforts she has actually put in!


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This has been happening for a while. Going a decade behind when Bipasha Basu played sexy and bold on screen for the movie Jism. While all the men enjoyed watching it and rewatching it while they were alone to satisfy themselves, publicly they all slut shamed her. Bhai freedom of speech and expression sab ko hai that does not mean you start talking rubbish.


Bipasha Basu
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No one spoke about John Abraham or Mahesh Bhatt who actually wrote the script and visioned the character in the first place. The fact that she looks hot and has worked really hard to get a body like that is itself a great thing. Plus doing such bold scenes and shooting with a crew which 90% consists of men needs some guts. It’s such a disgrace to not appreciate this stunning beauty!


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Such is the case of Mallika Sherawat.


Mallika Sherawat
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People have claimed that she sleeps around with directors to get roles in their projects and does such bold scenes. No one talks about Emran Hashmi kissing and touching women on-screen.


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Seems difficult to accept but it’s a valid point. People have given him tags like “serial kisser” as if it’s some kind of achievement to kiss so many women on screen! If this isn’t being biased then we don’t know what is!

Another one was with legendary Sunny Leone. Lets just say she has a lot of courage to accept what she was doing, moving on and being a part of bollywood. (She was married and did whatever with her husband’s consent). But she was judged for being too bold and doing a condom ad. We don’t know what is wrong with that. She is advertising a product which is most required in our country looking at the growing population! Where she should be respected and appreciated, she is being called a prostitute and a porn star.


Sunny leone
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We never see bollywood male actors promoting safe sex or condom. Why? Will this hamper their image in the same way? We feel they aren’t bold enough in the first place to take that stand.


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Twinkle khanna had unbuttoned her husband Akshay Kumar’s jeans at a Fashion Show.


twinkle khanna
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All she did was unbutton and the next minute an FIR was filed against her. Her crime? Being obscene and vulgar in public.


Bipasha Basu
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No one blamed Akshay Kumar for asking her to do it during a public event.

Of course we missed the point here that she was actually being a Bhartiya Naari or Pati Vrata Patni by obeying the orders of her husband. But I guess that’s not the larger picture here.


bhartiya naari
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Such incidents are endless with Bollywood actresses. All we want to question is, why should the female artist always take the blame? Why can’t we just appreciate the efforts she puts in or how versatile she is and is equally competent to her male counterparts? Or we would say much better than the half of the lot we have of male actors. It’s time we move on from how can Karisma Kapoor dance on “sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole” song and wear all those skimpy clothes or Kareena Kapoor wearing a Bikini and being Size zero. Bro it takes lot of fucking efforts to look that hot and of course lose weight! Ask anyone who is overweight and struggling in the gym to get fit and in shape. We should be using her as an example in gyms rather all we can talk about is Hrithik’s and Salman’s biceps!


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We definitely think that it was the need of the hour and they did their best. They truly deserve the appreciation for doing justice to the role they have played and the amount of efforts they have put to get it right. If we do not get this right now, I doubt we are setting up the right example of being a progressive nation. And definitely not in front of the younger generation who are the future.


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Give it a thought. It’s time we took a right stand and appreciate these actresses for who they truly are and the efforts they put in to bring the characters alive. After all we don’t want Munni to get badnaam unnecessarily 😛 Do we?


Munni Badnam
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