The Palais de Toyko contemporary art museum on Avenue President Wilson in the city’s lush 16th arrondissement will become the first gallery in Paris to welcome visitors who would like to bare all for a one-off naturists day on May 5th.

Visitors will be able to stroll round the museum’s exhibitions as long as they leave their coat and the rest of their clothes in the cloakroom.

The event has been organised by the Paris Naturists Association. Anyone interested in the event will have to sign up with the association although the museum will be free to get into.

Naturist campaigners said the museum event, with around 160 attendees, was a major breakthrough in one of the cultural capitals of the world.

Paris has long been known for its open minded outlook and the city’s acceptance of naturists is a testament to this. A large section of a popular park in Paris has been set aside for visitors who to enjoy spending time in their own skin — and nothing else.

“The naturists’ way of life of is to be naked. Culture is part of our daily life, and this is a special opportunity,” said Julien Claude-Penegry, communications director of the Paris Naturists Association, in the Palais de Tokyo’s vast concrete and steel hallways.

“Today, the mentality is changing. Naturists are pushing past barriers, taboos or mentalities that were obstructive.”

Parisians already have one public pool where they can swim in the buff three times a week, and across the country some 460 areas are reserved for naked enjoyment, including 155 camping sites and 73 beaches.

More than 2.6 million people in France have made nudism a regular habit, according to the France 4 Naturism association.

That being said, there are laws to be followed when is comes to roaming around in the buff in Paris. Anyone found guilty of stripping off in a public area not specifically designated for nudists could be eligible for a fine of up to €15,000 ($17,8824), or face a year in a French prison.

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