Would you like to play with a fully-grown bear or a lion or maybe a couple of leopards? Sounds crazy right? But not for Osama Al-Dughairy. Dughairy, a young Saudi man is an Instagram and Snapchat celebrity known for his love for wild animals. Clips of him training and spending time with untamable creatures often garner lots of attention.

His love for animals could be seen through the fact that he has transformed his house and farm in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia into a small zoo containing a variety of animals. His collection includes animals such as bears, crocodiles, lions, tigers, snakes, leopards, crocodile, monkeys, and many more. Dughairy wishes to establish a zoo for people to see the various inhabitants of the animal kingdom living in better conditions and receiving proper care.

The young Saudi said love for animals runs in his family. “Some other members of my family share my passion,” he said. The support of his family encouraged him to continue his passion and increase the number of animals at his farm.

“I have a collection of lions, snakes, bears, Siberian tigers, and Bengali cheetahs. Most of the animals grew up with me, they know my character and I know theirs,” Al- Dughairy said.

“I wish to establish a complete safari and I want to get an official permit in this regard,” he added.

Dughairy wants his dream project to be an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. He believes that the expertise he has acquired over time could be of great use to the Kingdom’s wildlife authorities. He has different ideas to share with the authorities to help increase the population of Arabian leopards and sand wolves.

“The feeding budget for most animals is huge. A lion needs up to 14 kilograms every day,” he said. “I will try to contact sponsors as soon as an official permit is issued.”

Osama Al-Dughairy has more than 812,735 followers on Instagram he regularly posts Snapchat videos of his eclectic animal-loving antics.

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