No, he is not. Bumblebee is, though. Paramount pictures released a trailer yesterday and that is definitely Bumblebee.

This film will be a prequel to the Transformers series and will show us a young Bumblebee who transforms into a rusty, Yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Set in 1987, the film has a young girl named Charlie who is about to turn 18. This young adult finds Bumblebee in a California junkyard and takes him in. Soon, she realises that the cute little car is not just a cute yellow car. Young Bumblebee, who is scared and broken because of war, along with Charlie soon find themselves being hunted by Government agents and that there are other transformers on Earth and they aren’t really friendly.

The protagonist is played by Hailee Steinfield. John Cena leads the team of government agents hunting Bumblebee down and other antagonists are bad alien robots from Cybertron. A.K.A Decepticons. We are really hoping that this movie does justice to the series and we are going to be running to the theatres on 21st December, 2018 to find that out.

We found this Easter egg for you. Watch the trailer down below and you will get it.


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