Porn watchers with a nun fetish are in for a legitimate treat today!

A woman who spent nearly decade in a convent learning how to be a nun has done a full 180 career-wise and is now a professional porn star.

Speaking as a former good Catholic school boy, this is a very satisfying turn of events…

Yudi Pineda, from Ituango in north-west Colombia, has given up her habit and now makes porn films. Yudi told the press how she was originally drawn to the church at a young age.

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She explained: “I went to Uraba and I was at school when nuns came to visit us, and I knew then that I wanted to do that.”

So, aged 10, she joined a convent and spent the next eight years in training. She says she was ‘very happy’ there, but when she got older she ‘fell in love’ with her religious teacher, and, as a result, decided to quit the church and find a job elsewhere.

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Yudi found employment in Medellín, former home of the Narcos ,where she worked for Nestlé, but a chance meeting with Juan Bustos – a man who was recruiting for adult webcam models – left her thinking of another career change.

After the meeting, she went along to a casting call and was hired there and then.

“At first I was feeling bad,” Yudi said. “But now I am fine with it. I also feel good when I go to church. I never miss Friday prayers, Saturday meetings or Sunday mass.”

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The confession booth in Church probably gets really interesting whenever she’s in it…

Although Yudi admits that initially her priest tried to talk her out of taking on the new job, she says she chose to ignore him and do what she wanted – good on ya, Yudi.

Defending her career choice, she says that her job is ‘decent and artistic’, adding that there is ‘nothing bad about it’.

She also opened up about her love of the adult film industry, telling reporters she enjoys ‘masturbation and pornography every day’.

That’s legit. Can’t say we blame her, I guess…

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