It is that time of the year when world’s first trillion dollar company Apple is set to launch their next generation iPhone in the market. Every year the technology giant adds some unique software features or hardware enhancements which takes the entire mobile industry by storm. Last year it was the famous “Notch”. This innovative trend took the entire world by storm and the results? Every android handset you see in the market sports notches.

In next couple of hours, Apple will begin the live-stream for their official event from Steve Jobs theater at their Cupertino headquarters. Here is the official invite.

Let us take a look at what all can we expect to see in today’s event basis the leaks so far…

Revamped & Detailed out Apple Watch


Source: 9to5Mac

Expect the next iteration of the Apple Watch to be launched in today’s event – Apple Watch Series 4. Thanks to the leak from 9to5Mac site lat month, we now see a complete render. An edge-to-edge design with much detailed out watch face depicting more than 7+ functions/information. Faster processor, longer battery life compared to the predecessor bundled with more advanced health tracking features.

Affordable/Low-cost iPhone Xr

Apple’s 6.1 inch LCD iPhone, tipped to arrive as iPhone 9 successor to the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Expect these fresh colors to be launched aside from the color variants previously available. But this time we have something new… Apple is giving one key things which the internet has been demanding to them for years… “DUAL SIM SUPPORT”

Yes, this time expect the iPhone 9 to support dual sim. But don’t make your hopes to high because whether the global variant has dual sim support or it is only China exclusive, we are yet to find out.

And finally.. iPhone XS & XS Max

This is the successor to Apple’s anniversary edition iPhone last year – iPhone X (ten). The photo leaks clearly shows the premium-ness of the handset and the dark galaxy wallpaper does complete justice to the OLED screen on the iPhone X lineup. This time there will be 2 OLED iPhone’s, one with 6.5 inch & 5.8 inch. 2 screen sizes mainly to cater to audiences who love comfortable & large screen iPhone. With iOS12 out of the box, next generation facial recognition – Face ID and speed and spec bump, this one is surely going to be worth a upgrade …. for the filthy rich ones  😛

Now we just need to wait and watch tonight’s event to see which all of these leaks turn out to be true. Trust me… everything is going to be true since keeping secrets is not what Apple has managed to do in the last couple of years.

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