Earlier this month, Netflix sent out a mysterious tweet that read: “Calendar nikaal. Tareekh likh le. 14 din mein kuch bada hone wala hai,” and led fans to speculate whether they were hinting at the date on which season 2 of Sacred Games would finally drop.

In their latest countdown message, the streaming giant said, “Bolo ‘Aham Brahmasmi.’ 6 din mein sab kuch dikhayi dene lagega.” The accompanying pictures hint that the season may only have four episodes with titles like Bidalah-A-Gita, Katham Asti, Antara Mahavana and Unagamam.

Last September, Netflix had released a 45-second teaser that alluded to the apocalyptic events that would unfold during season 2.

And now they are posting this on their social media. Indicating some big news about season 2!


One should also keep in mind that April Fools Day would be the day that this countdown ends, but one hopes that this is legitimate news and not a prank!

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