Our PM Shri. Narendra Modi has accepted a fitness challenge #HumFitTohIndiaFit from Virat Kohli. With response to challenge, Modiji posted the below video on social media showcasing some moments from his morning routine where he is seen doing yoga, exercise etc.

The video meant to be (I guess) from inspirational point of view, however, some exercises worked liked fodder for the Twitterati 😛 Indians would leave no stone unturned when it comes to trolling.

As expected, Twitter went into an uproar and hilarious memes started flowing in. After seeing the video (which was aired across all media channels like crazy), we do not know whom to say what! Check the memes yourself and decide 😛

Bhakto… Kuch sikho!

Taking on Digs on Ache Din is MANDATE BOSS!



The famous wink girl…

Source: FreePress Journal

After all this while…

Close Enough?

Story of every Indian kid…

People who got inspired 😛

An applause for the creativity!

Yeh pyaar pyaar kya hai?

While there we lot of over enthusiastic people who trolled as well as tried Modiji’s techniques, after successful completion of challenge, PM sir has nominated Karnataka’s CM to participate!

Fit or not, social media users did get some interesting content to talk and laugh about! Stay tuned for more!

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