Mumbaikars and their issues with the roads during the rainy season is an old story. Recently, we even came across a news which said, Mumbai city is all set to take place in the Guinness Book of World records for the number of potholes it has.

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Maybe this news upset the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation as they have taken measures to mend the damaged roads.

The BMC would begin with resurfacing and reconstruction on 1,343 roads of 507-km length. As per a civic officer, the work would begin from October and would be carried out in phases.

“The tendering process for 624 works for 202.31-km roads has already begun. Rest 719 works for roads measuring 305.08-km would subsequently begin”, said the official.

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The official also added that work of 62 new roads which need to be built urgently has already begun.

“We have taken a slew of measures to fix the accountability on the contractors. We will ensure that there would be no irregularities. The vigilance department of the civic body will also play its role,” he said.

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This news comes as a relief for the Mumbai people as potholes created problems from havoc, traffic jams, to deaths. The civic body had conducted an enquiry on 180 engineers earlier this year. Six of them got dismissed.

The civic body has set a budget of 1,508 crore for the project.

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