Unwanted Pregnancies is one of the biggest problems around the globe. Choosing a birth control method can be incredibly difficult for many women. Many of us struggle with finding a method that fits in with our lives and doesn’t give us every side effect on the box. But why is birth control looked at as a woman’s responsibility?

Gabrielle Stanley Blair a Mormon mother of six and an author from America turns to Twitter to argue unplanned pregnancies are always the man’s fault, no matter what the circumstances and the thread went viral. Why are women seen as being responsible for pregnancy when it’s men who cause pregnancy? said, Gabrielle.

Not just that, the 44-year-old designer also explains why men who try to push an anti-abortion agenda or control women’s rights have no interest in stopping abortion.

“I’ve been working out the thoughts I presented in the article over the last year,” said Gabrielle. “I actually wrote the thread about 3 months ago, and then hesitated to make it public — Twitter can be a harsh place and I worried my family would be attacked.” Watching the Kavanaugh hearings, however, got her to hit publish.

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Gabrielle is a Mormon and she thinks that when it comes to abortion her religious beliefs are on her side, too. “The Mormon church has guidelines that include abortion as an option for rape, the health of the mother, etc., and those exceptions can’t happen if abortion is illegal,” she added. “My interpretation of the Mormon church’s take is that it is pro-legal abortion. Other church members may interpret things differently.

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The important takeaway is that women shouldn’t be blamed for the abortions. People in our society who refuse to hold men responsible for the unwanted pregnancies are the real culprit. People will say “there should be equal responsibility” until they’re blue in the face, but is that how we treat it? If it was, this wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

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