National Anthem

This was the highlight of the whole parade. The guards gave their salute and the band started playing the tunes of Jana Gana Mana. Everyone stood up and paid their due respects.

Indian Air Force

Dressed in blue, the Air Warriors paraded and mesmerised the audience with their synchronised marching.

Indian Army

The Indian Army showcased their tanks and their missiles at the parade and left everyone awestruck.

Formation of Ladhakh Scouts looks like a CGI copy. Hats off to such discipline 🙂

Indian Navy

India’s 1000 KM range Nirbhay Cruise

After 20 years, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police made a comeback in Republic day parade and showed their grandeur.

This year All India Radio Akashvani lead the tableau parade for the first time

The all-women daredevils team of @BSF_India

This one was the real winner. These ladies were fearless and brilliant while they performed and the audience were in awe.


The tableau for states showcased the heritage and culture from all the different states. They looked beautiful and took out the true essence of each state.