What is Air BnB? Air, Bread and Butter? Nah. Here it is Air, Bees and Berries. Confused? Hold on!

Matthew Matheny

Matthew Matheney, a hiker, lost his path while hiking and got deep into the wild. The 40-year-old failed to track his path and thus found himself lost in the forest.

As known from his friends, Matthew had borrowed a friend’s car to travel to the south west side of mountain St. Helens.

St. Helens

Alarm was raised followed Matheney failing to return. The police found the man after 7 days in proper condition. When asked, the hiker revealed that he survived the week after eating bees and berries (Bear Grylls is that you?).

The police revealed their difficulty in tracking down Matthew. Drones, sniffing dogs and helicopter was used in order find him. The police force had squared down the search zone to one square mile based on phone signals and a computer model, in order to predict Mr Matheny’s movements.

Matthew and His Car

Paul Pepper, a member of the rescue team, said: “He was in the free forest at this point. He lost the trail, he fell down the steep back”.

Matthew Matheney was found on Wednesday and has been shifted to hospital via aerial route to be treated for dehydration. When found, the man was conscious and was talking.

Matthew showed us what actual Air BnB is. It is Air, Bee and Berries.

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