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Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, alleged that the King of Pop’s father chemically castrated Michael Jackson. Dr. Conrod Murray has served two years of prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter following Michael Jackson’s death in 2009. However he was released in 2013 instead of 2015, citing good behaviour and prison overcrowding.

Meanwhile, chemical castration is a legal body chemical treatment that has been used to reduce the level of testosterone in men. The process is generally used for the treatment of sex offenders as a cure for their problem. Or as a measure to fight some sort of cancer like prostate cancer. However, as per Conrod, Joe Jackson chemically castrated the late pop-star to maintain his high-pitched voice.

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The doctor has raised his voice regarding the events post MJ’s father, Joe Jackson’s death last month. He even said that Joe is the worst father to his kids in the entire history.

“The cruelty, expressed by Michael, that he experienced at the hand of his father, particularly the bad treatment, and moreover the fact that he was chemically castrated to maintain his high-pitched voice, is beyond words,” said Murray.

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“I knew and cared for Michael very well, and he told me of the many sufferings at the hands of his father that he encountered. It was dreadful, beyond imagination and words. I would not shed a single tear for the passing of this cruel and evil man,” he continued. “It is said only the good die young; I hope Joe Jackson finds redemption in hell.” The doctor said without holding his words back.

It seems the “chemical castration” theory as stated by Doctor Murray dates back to when Michael Jackson was treated with hormone injections for acne and maintaining a high pitched voice when he was 12-years-old.

Despite MJ and Conrad Murray speaking against Joe Jackson’s strict and ruthless upbringing in the past, the pop-star’s children, Paris and Prince hold high of their grandfather.

Michael’s son Prince Jackson hit out on Instagram recently. His post reads, “Keep talking all the s*** you want that he abused my dad. He raised these kids right, otherwise, they would have been in gangs or f**** dead.”

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