We have all heard of superheroes but an undercover family of superheroes – not so much. In 2004, we were treated to, a rare family of incredibly (wink wink) gifted superheroes who also happened to be your typical suburban family. The movie was of course the critically acclaimed (it won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature) Pixar movie – The Incredibles.

After an incredible (nope I’m not going to stop) run as superheroes, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are forced to hang up their capes as recompense to the damage caused to public property thanks to their superhero-giri. They revert to their alter egos of Bob and Helen Parr and Mr. Incredible is having a hard time coping. He rediscovers crime fighting fifteen years later and Mrs. Parr is NOT happy when she finds out what her husband has been up to.

The back and forth between Mr. Incredible adjusting to a ‘normal’ day-job and the action sequences replete with humour and wit is what made this movie so commercially and critically successful. Surprisingly, it took 13 years for the movie to come back with a sequel and oh boy are we excited to see the teaser trailer! If you haven’t already, here it is:

And if you have, You’ve definitely wondered – “how many powers does this cute little munchkin have?” Never fear because we have a roundup for you”

He can set himself on fire

Laser eyes

Cute little baby Devil


Floating through walls

Super metal baby



With all those superpowers, we sure are going to stay on Jack-Jack’s good side. The movie releases in the summer of 2018.

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