Malaika Arora has always been a trendsetter and a trailblazer. She is unapologetically herself and has been inspiring the world to be fit and fabulous ever since she made her debut in the industry. We all know what a close bond she shares with Bebo and it was Bebo’s talk show, ‘What Women Want’ that Malaika chose to talk about her recent divorce with husband Arbaaz Khan and her life after it.

Malaika got candid about how it is important for people to be happy in life with each other and how if a couple is unhappy they should rethink the whole relationship in the first place. Indian marriages are anyway not just about two people its actually a setup where the whole family is involved and an unhappy marriage affects everyone who is directly and indirectly involved. She couldn’t help but emphasize on the fact that how the happiness of oneself is the thing which one should keep in mind always. Malaika and Arbaaz have a son together who would have been subjected to a life of woes and unhappiness if they wouldn’t have decided to go their separate ways. She told Kareena how her son mentioned how happy it made him see his mother smile and enjoy life.

Divorces are never easy on anyone and at the end of the day its a decision taken by two people who are involved. But Malaika mentioned how everyone wanted them to work things out instead of taking such a huge step, but once she had taken the decision it was all love and support which came her way from all her loved ones. Then she spoke about the societal terms and conditions which are so different for a divorced woman and a divorced man. Moving on for men is easy while the lady has to go through a battle with the outside world and her emotions within. People never make it easy for anyone to move on, but one has got to do what one has got to do.

Co-parenting after the divorce is another thing that she openly spoke about where she mentioned how she is sharing a cordial relationship with her ex-husband and her son is one of the reasons why it is possible. Her thoughts on keeping her ties intact with her ex’s family is another thing which gives us an insight into what a wonderful woman and human being, Malaika is!

Dating for divorced women in India is another taboo and Malaika did not shy away in sharing her thoughts about the same. She believes that it is difficult to start seeing someone again after an ugly divorce, but its something every divorced woman should consider. She also spoke about how she has been enjoying her solitude and independence lately. We love how unapologetically real she was during the whole episode and we cannot help, but admire her.

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