What is your favourite childhood movie? I don’t think many of us would have to actually sit and think for the answer. We can unanimously come down to one answer— Home Alone!


Every Christmas season reminds us of this film. So, how about having the same experienced relived again after almost three decades? Macaulay Culkin has brought us Home Alone once again via the Google Assistant advertisement. The only difference is that Macaulay was 10 back then and 38-year-old now.

In the advertisement, Kevin wakes up to find that he is home alone (well of course). He then cherishes his alone time. Well, technically he is not alone as he is accompanied by Google Assistant who helps his set reminder for laundry, write a shopping list, setting the temperature of the house and many more things. Google Assistant also helps him carry out the ‘Operation Kevin’ to frighten the bandits who were waiting by the doorstep.

As soon as the ad was released, social media brimmed with excitement and the fans couldn’t bottle it inside.

We would like to thank Google and Macaulay Culkin for taking us through one of the beautiful memories of our lives once again and yes, Merry Christman to one and all.

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