Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are now a couple. Old News, but every time Virushka takes to Instagram with new clicks, the world goes into a tizzy. What strikes us the most, is how much in love and made for each other this couple looks. Also, its Anushka’s beaming smile that makes us fall in love with her, all over again. So we decided to refresh your Virushka addicted brains with facts about Ms Sharma, now Mrs Kohli, with ‘Din Shagna Da’ playing in the background.


virushka wedding

A successful model:

Anushka modelling

Apart from all the endorsements that she is a part of as a celebrity, she has made it big even before all the Bollywood song and dance begun. Among the many fashion shows she has walked for, the most notable one was for Wendell Rodricks in 2007 at Lakme India Fashion Week.

An Army brat:

anushka army brat

Anushka Sharma is one proud army kid. Reiterating the values that her army background has taught her, she believes has taught her to be adaptive, open-minded and hardworking. She also says the army life has instilled confidence in her because of its non gender bias environment that she was raised in.

A Producer:

Anushka NH10

She is a great actress, without a doubt. But she also has been lauded on being a fine producer. Anushka Sharma donned the producers cap with NH-10 in 2015, which was co-produced by Sharma’s production house, Clean Slate Films, followed by Phillauri in 2017. She has always believed in investing in the right writers, filmmakers and technicians and not just depend on bankable faces to deliver good films.

Self Made:

Anushka First Movie

Bollywood is a battleground. And if you don’t have a famous god father to back you up, your chances to succeed are close to zero. Although Anushka comes from a non-film background, she has proven her mettle time and again with performances that made everyone sit up and watch.


Anushka Ranveer Virat

Anushka owns her relationships like a boss. Be it Ranveer Singh or her husband Virat Kohli, she has never shied away from the media and has always been upfront about the men in her life.

Breaking out of the box:

Anushka Bombay Velvet

Whether it’s choosing an unconventional role in Bombay Velvet or turning producer at 27, we can always count on Anushka when it comes to breaking the norms and stepping out of her comfort zone.

Mental Health awareness:

Anushka Battling Anixety

During the release of PK, the actress came out in the open about her battle with anxiety and that she was undergoing professional treatment. She wanted to normalise and take shame out of mental health issues in our society.

Turned vegetarian:

We all know how difficult it can be for non vegetarians to give up their chicken nuggets. For Anushka, it was her love for animals that pushed her to make this conscious decision. She was also coined the Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity by Peta in 2015. All power to you Anushka!

Puts education first:

Anushka has always maintained the need to a formal education as quintessential life lesson. She completed her college before joining films and also went on to pursue Masters in Economics through correspondence.

Putting the best fashion foot forward:

Anushka Fashion

Flaunting the best airport looks to donning international designers at major events and now even owning her own fashion brand, Anushka proves that she indeed is Jack-of-all-trades. Her brand Nush, is one of the most promising brands in fast fashion.

Animal Lover:

Anushka Animal Lover

When it comes to showing love for our four legged friends, Anushka goes a step forward by initiating awareness for their well being. She launched ‘Pawsitivity’ to condemn the Yulin dog meat festival and also asked for a ban on horse drawn carriages. That’s who we call a beauty with a golden heart.

Owns her mistakes:

Anushka Lip Job

We are all human and make blunders. Although, only a few of us have the guts to actually own them, much less in public. Getting work done on her face was one such blunder that Anushka has confessed to boldly in public. She mentioned that it was required for her role in Bombay Velvet but isn’t proud of it.

Just like us:

There are very few celebrities who are public about their ‘human’ness. Anushka Sharma, much like so many of us, is a huge fan of Cerelac baby food. She confides in buying like one would buy sugar and salt. You keep surprising us lady!! She also confesses to collecting toffee wrappers as a kid.

Works hard for her roles:

Anushka movies

Anushka believes in prep work as much as the final product. Her roles are always backed by tremendous hard work put in months in advance by this hard-working actress. She was left with less than six weeks to prep up for her role as a female wrestler, to adapt the body language and to learn Haryanvi convincingly enough with an accent. We all know how well she portrayed the role of Aarfa.

Supports important causes:

Anushka Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan

Anushka Sharma has lent her support to Jaipur Rugs Foundation, an enterprise that links small-scale weavers in India to the opportunities of the global market. During a visit to the organisation’s headquarters, Anushka not only offered direct, material support by purchasing rugs but also spoke with Jaipur Rugs team members to learn about the particular model of socio-economic development that the social enterprise puts into action.

She also lent her efforts to the Versova beach clean up, for the Swatchh Bharat initiative. In 2015, she also want out of her way to support the Nepal earthquake victims by starting an online campaign.

So, here are not one or two but a whole bunch of reasons why the world can’t stop loving our larger than life, full of energy and our very own, now Mrs. Anushka Virat Kohli!