It was an entire turn around of events during the weekend in Singapore.

Mercedes snatched the victory right from under the noses of Red Bull and Ferrari. In a track where Mercedes were supposed to struggle due to the nature of their cars, ended up in their favour.

Lewis Hamilton secured the first place and now sits comfortably at the top spot with a 40-point lead over his rival Sebastian Vettel. The Briton arrived at Singapore with a lot of fans and pundits questioning the racer’s busy two-week schedule between the races in order to launch his own fashion line. However, Lewis has answered them with an emphatic victory.

Mercedes’ team director Toto Wolff describes Lewis’ driving as one of the best he has ever seen.

How did the race unveil?

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After grabbing the pole position, Hamilton maintained his lead during the majority of the race. Verstappen took the lead in the 16th lap as Hamilton pitted.
Meanwhile, Vettel eased past Force India’s Sergio Perez to achieve P3 and behind Lewis Hamilton.

It was in the 18th lap the Prancing Horse took a major blow. Red Bull’s Verstappen pitted in order to switch to soft tyres and emerged out of the lane ahead of Seb to secure P2 behind Mercedes.

Lap 41 saw Hamilton extending his lead over Max to three seconds. As the race advanced to the 43rd lap, Lewis Hamilton faced a scare as Haas’ Romain Grosjean held up Hamilton by blocking his path and acting as a backmarker.

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Verstappen landed himself on the podium after securing the second place

Later in the post-race press conference, Max Verstappen said: “I thought it was not fair anyway with the way he was being held up (about overtaking the Briton while he was being held up by Grosjean)”.

This is what the champ said after the victory at the Marina Bay Circuit:

Coming here and knowing the performance of Red Bulls…if you look at the history, they have always been on the first two rows for probably the last 10 years, or at least the last eight.

And the Ferraris, at least the last five or six years, have been right there as well. They had picked up their pace and we knew that they would be spectacular here this weekend and so it was going to take something quite special for us to leapfrog them.

I know that not a single member of the hierarchy, like James Vowles or Toto probably, really didn’t think that was possible yesterday – maybe more of them.

So it was really quite a monumental moment for us as a team.

With six more races to go for the championship to conclude, pressure upon Sebastian Vettel is building. Hamilton is inching closer to being the first among the both to grab the world championship for the fifth time.

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