We all want to travel the world and have a passport filled up with stamps from all around the world and in order to do that one definitely needs a passport! (No shit Einstein!)

Well! The Indian Passport is getting a makeover! And these are the details you need to know, in order to discuss this over dinner and sound all intellectual. Probably impress your pretty date as well!

1.   Gone are the days when your passport served as an official address proof. The Ministry of External Affairs has decided to remove the last page of the passport, which had the address details of the Passport holder and have decided to replace it with a barcode for the immigration officials or anyone concerned, who would require the necessary details.

2.   A female passport holder doesn’t have to necessarily change her name in the passport after getting married.

3.   Indian Government Officials hold white passports. The diplomats hold a red passport, while other citizens have blue passports.  In order to make immigration for ECR candidates easier, the Government has decided to use an orange passport.

4.   Physical Police Verification of the passport is being replaced by Online Verification, which will make life a lot easier!

5.   The new passport will not have the parent’s name on it. The passport holder can keep that information discreet.

Did You Know?

According to Civil Aviation Organisation, passports can only be in shades of Red, Blue, Green or Black. The proposed Orange colour for the new Indian Passport can come in the category of shades of Red.

Fun Fact:

UK is going back to Blue from Burgundy to celebrate Brexit!


That’s all folks! Hope we could educate you!

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