The second trailer for Deadpool 2 came out today. We were honestly disappointed the movie isn’t about a struggling bartender who gets attacked by a cow.

Although, what does excite us is the villain in this film, Cable. He’s a cyborg who really wants to do bad things and fix cables. The movie also brings back dope-ass characters like Dopinder, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and of course, Weasel. While also introducing badass new characters like Domino and some kid in a yellow jacket shooting flames out of his hands. This sh*t is honestly berserk…

Deadpool is seen fighting ninjas, cyborgs and everything in-between and the amount of bloodshed is ridiculous! Decapitated heads are flying, bullets are being shot through hands and people are used as human water balloons. Even though this is kind of what we would all expect from Deadpool, this looks like a recipe for some great fun or serious mental scars.

The trailor is promising in terms of breaking things, people and just obliterating everything. Expectations are high for action and humour with a brooding love story between our favourite rancid-avocado-looking superhero and his sweetheart from the first movie.


If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, then here it is!!!!!

Yeah, that trailer looks sick. Hope you guys are all limbered up…

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Broke, reckless and kinda funny.