We live in a country which is made of controversies. Our day starts and ends with political bickering. Want to start a spat? Just go on talking about political parties and their stands on various issues and see people getting fired up like dragons! In a way it is entertaining but yes at times it kinda frustrating to keep bantering about same thing. I mean we got lot of other important stuff to think and talk about rather these political rants.

Well one such incident has fired up the social media channels today. Our very own Pappu aka Rahul Gandhi went and hugged our PM Narendra Modi during the no-confidence debate in Parliament today.

Of course this had to spark reactions from our darling Twitteratis. But first things first, we do not support any political party here. Nor we believe in their supreme commands. We are here just to make our and yours boring day little refreshing and kind of get geared up for the weekend πŸ˜‰ This has become more like a chakna for lot of people now because we know all this gimmick is just for entertainment. Given a chance they would be slitting each others throats if possible forget about bear hugs!

Anyway getting on to refreshment and entertainment part, here’s what people had to say and react to this “hug” action recorded / witnessed in the parliament!

Lets get to Bollywood!

Looks like someone had fun!


Grapes are Sour πŸ˜›


Looks like someone on the other enjoyed it as well πŸ˜›

You are the best judge πŸ˜›

Entertainment is the Word of the Day!

Pyaar do, Pyaar Lo! πŸ˜› WTF is happening???

Stumped Over!

We are good at making connections which are totally irrelevant at this moment!

Aa Gale Lag Jaaaaa!

Feel you Bro! πŸ˜›

When one speech can open new arenas for you…

Kyon ki permission lena zaroori hai

Oops! This will hurt πŸ˜›


We don’t really know when this melodrama will end and these people will sit and do some actual work! *Sigh*

For now this was entertaining enough πŸ˜› Time to enjoy the Weekend πŸ˜€


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