Women seem to be most complicated when it comes to sex. They do not rely on verbal communication when in bed. Instead, you need to understand their body. It is very important for men to give their women a good sexual experience. To do that you should know exactly when she is sexually aroused? It is of prime importance that you and your partner both should enjoy the act and the moment of love-making. But to know when your woman is completely aroused is the trickiest part of the act as most of the women tend to fake orgasms and pleasure feelings. You will be left with the mystery of their look and body language.

Here are a few sexual arousal signs with which you will know if your woman is completely into it:

#1 Heavy Breathing:

Heavy Breathing

This one isn’t easy to hide for a woman who is completely aroused during sex. As the body of a woman is turned on and excited, the breath becomes more rapid and urgent. Though the signs can differ from woman to woman you can easily notice the heavy breathing. Breathing heavy is the most common sign when your woman is sexually aroused.

#2 Racing Heartbeat:

Racing Heartbeat

With heavy breathing, you might also hear her heartbeat pounding. The heart rate increases as the body prepares for an orgasm, making her organs demand more oxygen. A pumping heart rate will surely let you know that your woman badly needs you.

#3 Moaning and groaning:

Moaning and groaning

In case you are not aware or a beginner you do not need to worry about the moaning and groaning as it is a part of sex and further arouses sexual urges too. Moans and groans are made as the air rapidly make its way through her vocal chords. If you experience this part during your act it should let you know that you’re on the right track.

#4 Nipple Erection:


This might not happen with all the women, but erected nipples are one of the signs that your woman is sexually aroused. It is said that the touches and kisses by you on her body parts lead to erected nipples.

#5 Body action:

Body action

She will start grinding or pushing herself against you, trying to hold you tight or hug you. The body automatically moves repeatedly in the same motion until both achieve a climax. So, if you find your woman matching your moves you are hitting the right notes.

#6 Vaginal Lubrication:

Vaginal Lubrication

This is probably the most common and the easiest way you will know that your woman is aroused completely. Lubrication is the natural process which is very important as it makes it easy for the intercourse. This is because of the sexual excitement.

You will hear a lot of myth related to the women’s body parts when they are sexually aroused like a few people believe that a woman’s vaginal opening expands in the size to accommodate the penis. And you also find people who still believe that the size of her breast increases making them tight. It is very important that you come over such sex myths and know the real deal.

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